Benefits of Hourly Truck Driving

There are a few different ways to be paid for truck driving (pay per mile, pay per load, detention, per diem, percentage of load, hourly, salary, and more). Fundamental Labor Strategies places professional Class A, Class B and Non-CDL drivers like you in our clients’ trucks to complete local deliveries. 100% of our runs are local and 100% of jobs pay hourly and overtime.

At Fundamental Labor Strategies, we believe drivers deserve to be paid for their time, whether it’s for inspecting the truck, checking the load, driving, sitting in traffic, fueling, waiting to be unloaded or anything else that comes up during your work day.

While hourly pay is becoming more popular, it’s still not as widespread as many would think. Here are some of the benefits to driving hourly as a truck driver:

  • Less Stress. Hourly drivers don’t have to worry about their pay being negatively impacted if there is traffic, breakdowns, or the need to drive slower due to bad weather or poor driving conditions.
  • Overtime. Our Flex Drivers receive overtime daily after 8 hours. And our Dedicated Drivers get overtime after 40 hours.
  • Local routes. 100% of our work is Local. This means you’ll be able to spend more time at home with your family, be home daily and never get stuck away from home.
  • Guaranteed pay. As long as your job is completed, you know you’re going to get paid and how much. Dedicated Drivers are guaranteed pay for 40 hours weekly and Flex Drivers are guaranteed 8 hours daily, and there are lots of overtime available with most positions.

While it is typically true that drivers paid by the mile can make money, drivers on the East Coast or in high congestion areas don’t make out great with pay by the mile. If you were paid by the mile, you wouldn’t get paid if you were sitting in traffic, so being paid hourly and earning overtime pay at time and a half is more consistent and more lucrative.

Interested in driving for Fundamental Labor Strategies? View our available local truck driving jobs and apply online today!

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