Fundamental® Flex Driver™

Fundamental® Flex Drivers™ solve the basic driver employer problem of labor coverage. Fundamental is available when you need help the most: when your regular driver is unavailable, or when your business demand dictates a need for more drivers than usual. Planned or unplanned, for a day, a week, or more – the Flex service is designed to fit your needs.

All  Class A and B Flex drivers are carefully interviewed and screened. All DOT and Fundamental standards are thoroughly verified including minimum driving experience requirements. We diligently maintain their driver qualification files and enforce DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. In short, you can rest assured that every Fundamental Flex driver is well qualified and in full compliance with DOT regulations.

How it Works

  • Fundamental Dispatchers are available 24/7/365, a live dispatcher is always available to take your call
  • Once your account is set up, you may call at any time to request a driver or drivers
  • The length of the assignment is up to you (for the day, week, month, or season)
  • Fundamental will match a driver to your specific needs and requirements
  • Drivers participate in a no-nonsense, performance-based pay program that generates the results that you want and that your client’s demand
  • Our dispatch is centralized so you can address your driver coverage needs in multiple markets with a single phone call and supplier

Reasons to Request a Flex Driver

  • When your regular driver calls off
  • To cover for your regular driver’s vacation, sick and personal days
  • To cover for the unexpected quarantine or isolation of your regular driver
  • To meet seasonal business peaks
  • When your driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) are exhausted
  • To assist with driver turnover

Call Fundamental at (877) 357-7776 and press 4 or email us at to discuss how the Fundamental® Flex Driver™ service can benefit your business. There is no cost to set up an account and we have drivers ready when you need them.

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