Fundamental® Dedicated Driver

Serious TruckingFundamental® Dedicated Drivers™ are a long-term, outsourced solution designed to transfer all aspects of employing and managing commercial truck drivers to FLS. FLS can hire and manage drivers to work for you in dedicated, full-time positions. This allows you to focus on your core business, rather than worry about complex DOT regulations and driver recruiting, employment, and management concerns.

Like our Flex drivers, Dedicated drivers are fully DOT-compliant and meet all FLS standards. Dedicated drivers are also carefully road tested, screened, and chosen based on the specific requirements of your operation.

How it Works

  • After a thorough discussion of your needs and priorities, FLS recruits drivers with the necessary experience and skills.
  • Drivers are hired and managed by FLS, but report to you just like your employees.
  • FLS assumes all DOT compliance, workers compensation, payroll, benefits, recruiting, and regulatory responsibilities and expenses associated with your drivers.
  • FLS provides you with a replacement driver when your regular dedicated driver is unavailable.

Reasons to Use a Dedicated Driver

  • Transfer all aspects of recruiting, hiring, and managing drivers
  • Focus on your core business
  • Reduce your costs and make them more predictable
  • Increase your operational control and improve your client relations immediately by minimizing turnover and increasing driver performance

Call FLS at (877) 357-7776 or email us at to discuss how our Fundamental® Dedicated Driver™ service can benefit your business.