Frequently Asked Truck Driver Leasing Questions

What is truck driver leasing?
Truck driver leasing businesses provide truck drivers to companies that have their own trucks but need more drivers to operate them. The first step is for the company to set up an account with a driver leasing company, like Fundamental Labor Strategies. Then, the driver leasing company recruits and interviews drivers, completes the background checks and employment verifications and makes sure the drivers meet all DOT standards. This allows the companies to focus on growing, rather than spending hours on recruitment, DOT compliance, and driver management.

How does driver leasing/contracting drivers work?
Driver leasing allows businesses to outsource truck drivers from a reliable and experienced company well versed in the complex rules and DOT regulations of truck driving. You can contract drivers through a driver leasing company, like Fundamental Labor Strategies, for a specified length of time. Whether it be short-term or long-term, the driver leasing company recruits, interviews, and completes background checks and employment verifications for drivers before approving them to begin driving for your business. When a company needs a truck driver, they just need to call driver dispatch, who will then find a truck driver whose experience matches the specific type of run the company needs filled.

How do I hire temporary truck drivers?
Businesses can turn to Craigslist, Indeed, and other job board sites to help find temporary drivers, however, the work doesn’t end there. Businesses still need to review applications, interview candidates, verify driving experience, pull driving records, and navigate DOT compliance – spending valuable company time to fill a temporary driving role.

Enter Fundamental Labor Strategies. We are a truck driver leasing company, specializing in making a match between businesses and drivers. We help businesses fill their temporary driver needs by connecting them with qualified drivers we have on file. We recruit, verify driving experience, pull driving records, and ensure DOT compliance, allowing businesses to focus on the bigger picture.

How do I use temporary truck drivers?
Temporary truck drivers only drive for you when you need them. Once you open an account with Fundamental Labor Strategies, we keep your business on file. Whenever you need a temporary driver all you need to do is call our dispatch which is available 24/7/365 and we will connect you with a truck driver on a temporary basis. You can request a driver(s) for a day, a week, or a season. Companies used leased truck drivers for many reasons including covering new or growing business, and to cover for company drivers who are out due to accidents, injuries, and vacations.

Where can I hire seasonal truck drivers?
For businesses, seasonal demand puts pressure on your distribution channel. Whether you are a retail distributor, food distributor, or in another industry such as building and construction, one thing is the same – you need additional drivers during your peak season to maintain delivery timelines. Fundamental Labor Strategies takes the hassle out of recruiting drivers by providing you vetted DOT qualified CDL truck drivers that meet your driver specifications. Whether you need a driver for one day, one week, one month or longer, we help match our clients with drivers so you can focus on other day-to-day business operations.

Where can I find CDL drivers for my busy season?
We understand every business has its own season. Whether you need more drivers around Thanksgiving and Christmas, or you need to gear up for demand in the summer, Fundamental Labor Strategies will be there when you need drivers the most.

Where can I find a driver to fill in for my injured/sick driver?
Finding a truck driver to fill in with short notice can be very difficult. You may depend on your other employees to cover shifts, or let your truck sit and your deliveries back up. However, you need to comply with DOT and hours of service regulations. By setting up an account with a driver leasing company, if you have a driver that has been injured or is sick, you can be confident those shifts will be covered by an insured, licensed, DOT compliant truck driver, even on short notice.

Where can I recruit a CDL driver?
Finding qualified truck drivers is not an easy task. Businesses can utilize driving schools, Craigslist, Indeed, and other job board sites but that takes time to find and vet qualified drivers. There is another way businesses can find drivers – through a truck driver leasing company, like Fundamental Labor Strategies. We make it easy for you to find drivers that meet your needs.

What type of company helps recruit truck drivers?
Whether the need for drivers is short-term or long-term, a truck driver leasing company can help meet a business’ need for drivers. With a truck driver leasing company like Fundamental Labor Strategies, we handle payment, insurance, DOT compliance, and dispatch communication for drivers.

What industries does FLS work with?
We work with a wide variety of industries helping them meet their truck driving needs. Some of the industries we work with include:

    • Building and Construction
    • For Hire Carrier
    • Metal Products
    • Nursery
  • Food Distribution
  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Paper Products
  • Packaging
  • Retail Distribution
  • Grocery

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