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TWIC Cards: What It Is & Where To Get It
Driver Resources April 8, 2019

TWIC Cards: What It Is & Where To Get It

Fundamental Labor Strategies is a truck driver leasing company. While we cannot assist you in acquiring a TWIC card, we do offer jobs that require TWIC cards as a job requirement. See available jobs. This is information for educational purposes.

TWIC cards are essential for maritime security. In addition to the maritime sector, the TWIC may be required in the future for other security-sensitive transportation sectors, such as airports, railroads, chemical plants, and refineries.

  • What Is A TWIC Card?
    • A TWIC card is a Transportation Worker Identification Credential. It is a tamper-resistant biometric card issued to those needing unescorted access to secure locations such as ports, and outer continental shelf facilities.
  • Is A TWIC Card A Government ID?
    • TWIC cards are an important layer of maritime security, and a valid government ID. TWIC is listed as one of the forms of accepted ID at airport security checkpoints.
  • Can A Non-U.S Citizen Get A TWIC Card?
    • No. In order to be eligible for a TWIC card, you must be a U.S. citizen, lawful permanent resident, naturalized citizen or a nonimmigrant alien, asylee, or refugee who is in lawful status.
  • How Do I Get A TWIC Card?
    • In order to get a TWIC card, applicants must complete an online application on website or apply in person at an application center. After applying online, applicants are required to schedule an appointment at a TWIC application center. At this appointment, applicants are required to bring documentation, have their biometrics taken, and pay the application fee. TSA conducts a background check on all applicants prior to approving applications.
  • How Much Does a TWIC Card Cost?
    • It costs $125.25 to file for a TWIC card. If you hold a hazardous materials endorsement or a free and secure trade card, there is the option to apply for a reduced rate TWIC card for $105.25.
  • How Long Is A TWIC Card Good For?
    • Generally, TWIC cards are valid for 5 years. If you apply under the reduced rate, your new TWIC card will be valid for five years from the chosen document’s issuance date.
  • How Long Does It Take To Get A TWIC Card In The Mail?
    • The TWIC card application process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. Once approved, it takes 7-10 business days to receive your card in the mail.
  • What Truck Drivers Need A TWIC Card?
    • If your driving route regularly takes you to ports, government boats, and other government maritime facilities, a TWIC card will be required as a condition of employment.
  • What Is TWIC NextGen?
    • On July 10, 2018, TSA began issuing a new more secure TWIC card.  The new design aims to deter counterfeiting efforts and mitigate the fraudulent use of the credential by incorporating enhanced security features.

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