What driving jobs don’t require a CDL?

Interested in a driving job but don’t have your CDL? There are several jobs you can have that don’t require a CDL to transport goods. While you won’t be able to drive a tractor trailer, there are many local driving job opportunities for businesses needing to transport their goods to clients.

Here are some common driving jobs that do not require a CDL:

  • Auto Parts Runner – Local repair shops don’t keep a lot of auto parts in stock. Instead, they order parts as they need them for repair jobs. As an auto parts runner you would be responsible for delivering items from the store to the repair shop. These runs typically have a delivery radius, ensuring you’ll stay local.
  • Food Wholesalers – Food wholesalers generally deliver within a set radius to grocery stores and restaurants that purchase from them on a regular basis. Most drivers will have set local routes for their deliveries.
  • Office Supply – Office supply companies typically deliver in a wide radius from their distribution center. These drivers more than likely will not have a set route as not all businesses order at the same time or the same items, however, the range will still be within the local area.
  • Other B2B – There are a lot of other companies out there that need their goods delivered to businesses in the area but because they have smaller delivery sizes, perishables, smaller products, or clients in the city with narrow streets, they do not use large trucks to fulfill orders.

What vehicles can I drive without a CDL?

  • Small Box Trucks – These are the most common for package deliveries, but other businesses use these to deliver their goods locally to businesses when they are not transporting large quantities of goods.
  • Sprinter Vans – Sprinter vans have become more popular in recent years. They drive like a van but have ample storage for deliveries. These are perfect for businesses that do not deliver large items and have smaller orders for clients.
  • Company Car – Driving a company cars to deliver goods aren’t super common, but they can be used for small batch deliveries from small companies, or when typical order sizes are not very large for clients. They also have lower operating costs since gas mileage is more affordable than larger vehicles for new businesses.

If you’re interested in becoming a driver for Fundamental Labor Strategies:

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