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Safety Newsletter – December 2020
Driver Resources, Newsletters December 9, 2020

Safety Newsletter – December 2020

Winter Safe Driving Tips

  • Be prepared for all situations that you may find yourself in by keeping the following items handy:
    • Ice scraper
    • A flashlight
    • A warm blanket and change of clothes
    • Emergency food and water
  • Check the conditions and obtain weather information before you start your route.
  • Drive carefully, slow down, and allow extra space when stopping.
  • Make sure to complete a pre-trip inspection. Clear any snow and ice from your vehicle, check to make sure that your wipers and defrosters are working properly, and make sure you have enough fuel.
  • Be mindful of hazards such as black ice and freezing bridges.
  • Make sure to wear boots with good grip and take your time entering and exiting your vehicle to avoid slipping on the steps or ground.

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