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Safety Newsletter – December 2023
Driver Resources, Newsletters December 18, 2023

Safety Newsletter – December 2023

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are very common work place injuries, and the risk of them happening heightens with the icy and snowy weather that the winter season brings. There are two types of falls that can happen while you’re on the job; same-level falls and elevated falls. Same-level falls include slipping or tripping on foreign substances, such as oil and ice. Elevated falls include falls from heights such as from ladders, platforms, or stairs.

Same-level falls can be prevented by:

  • Keeping a clean and clear workplace.
  • Identifying and cleaning up any spills or debris in the workplace.
  • Wearing proper footwear in good condition with tread.
  • Elevated falls can be prevented by:
  • Choosing the right equipment and utilizing it correctly.
  • Take your time when entering and exiting the tractor, and make sure your feet are properly planted and your hands are free.
  • Maintain three points of contact at all times when getting into the truck or trailer.

Intersection Safety

Many traffic collisions that occur at intersections could be avoided if drivers were more cautious and aware of their surroundings. Below are some tips on how to safety navigate through an intersection.

  • Be alert for motorists or pedestrians who may disregard a traffic signal and proceed through an intersection when they shouldn’t. Anytime you are unaware of what other drivers are going to do, be safe and cautious and let them go first.
  • Keep alert and look twice for smaller vehicles approaching an intersection that may be hiding in your blind spots.
  • When approaching an intersection, look for signs and pavement markings that tell you what movements are allowed from each lane ahead of time to avoid a last minute lane change.
  • Leave enough space between you and the vehicles in front of you to avoid slamming on your breaks and possibly being involved in a rear end collision.
  • Make sure to always use your turn signals, and watch for the turn signals of others around you to anticipate their next move.
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