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Safety Newsletter – October 2020
Driver Resources October 19, 2020

Safety Newsletter – October 2020

Fall Safe Driving Tips

Summer has flown by and it is now the beginning of fall, which brings cooler weather, changing foliage and the start of the holiday season. All drivers, particularly CDL A and B drivers, need to be aware of the driving and safety hazards that come along with these seasonal changes.

  • Watch for children. Fall marks the beginning of the school year, which means more traffic, especially in school zones, along with young drivers on the road. Make sure to also be aware of kids walking across and along streets, as well as school buses making frequent stops.
  • Driving in the dark presents another challenge, especially as Daylight Savings Time ends. Most people will find themselves driving in the dark more often. If you are in this situation, remember to be more attentive to road signs, animals such as deer, and make sure your vehicle’s headlights are working properly at all times.
  • Hydroplaning can become an issue, especially when the weather cools and becomes damper. Make sure you maintain a slower speed in these conditions. Also, be aware of leaves, puddles, and any other form of obstacle that may present itself on the roadways.
  • Fog and frost also becomes an issue in the fall months. Be more aware of hazards like reduced vision, slippery roads, freezing bridges and overpasses. Slowing your speed and being more aware of the road conditions are both great ways to avoid being involved in an accident or incident.

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