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Safety Newsletter – September 2022
Driver Resources, Newsletters September 5, 2022

Safety Newsletter – September 2022

5 Driving Safety Tips for the Fall

1. Watch out for wildlife.

  • Animals such as deer are most active during the pumpkin season.
  • Once you notice one, be cautious because they often travel in groups.
  • Look out for warning signs
  • Only hit the brakes if you can maintain control of your truck.
  • Do not swerve as you might flip over and put your own and other lives in danger.

2.  Prepare for weather changes.

  • Poor weather such as fog, rain and wind pose challenges to trucking safety.
  • Check the weather report several times per day to be prepared.
  • Beware of fallen leaves that may cover the bumps and potholes on the road.
  • Reduce your speed if you see a pile of wet leaves or debris. They can make your tires skid.

3.  Slow Down

  • Remember to slow down as the temperatures drop.
  • You can be driving the legal limit, but it might be too fast for the cooler weather.
  • Be extra cautious at bridges and overpasses as they are covered with early frost before the roads are.

4.  When the sun goes down.

  • The downside of the fall for trucking safety is shorter days and longer nights.
  • Poor nighttime visibility contributes to increasing accidents.
  • Make sure to check that all your lights are operational before heading to the road.
  • Increase your following distance and pass over slowly.

5.  Be mindful

  • Stay alert always and focus on what is happening at the present moment on the road.
  • Keep checking constantly what is in front, behind, and beside you.
  • Don’t use GPS, maps, or apps meant for the general public, for these will lead you into risky and unpredictable situations.
  • Plan ahead as much possible and keep alert for any danger.

8 Tips for Reducing Truck Driver Stress

Get a Good Night’s Rest

  • A good night of rest will give your body the time it needs to recharge to help you function efficiently
  • Keep your bedroom free of distractions such as electronics and bright lights

Move as Much as You Can & Stretch

  • During your stops, while waiting to be loaded or unloaded, get out of the truck and stretch or walk around, if it is safe to do so.

Eat Healthy When Possible

  • When you eat healthy, you feel better.
  • Try to avoid unhealthy fast-food options & pack a healthy lunch if possible.

Turn on Your Favorite Music or a Podcast

  • You don’t have to drive in silence.
  • You can boost your spirits by listening to your favorite songs.

Learn Your Route Well in Advance

  • One way to reduce stress while on the road is to know exactly where you are going and how to get there.
  • Before you get in the truck spend a few minutes looking over your route.

Practice Breathing Exercises & Meditate

  • Breathing exercises are a great way to release immediate stress and can be done anytime and anywhere.
  • The easiest exercise to use involves first breathing slowly in through your nose and counting to eight. Hold your breath the entire time, and on the nine and ten counts, release your breath. You should do this several times, and you should feel calmer and more relaxed by the end of it.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

  • When you have some time off, it is a good idea to spend it with loved ones so that you still feel like you are spending enough time with those you care about.
  • Enjoy meals and running errands with friends and family. It can help put the work you do on the road into perspective. You understand why you do what you do, and that is to provide for your family.


Overall, try to stay positive. Today might not be the best day ever, but tomorrow is a new day.


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