Driver Testimonial

Hear it right from our clients and drivers.

Flex Driver Since 2018

“To all of the Fundamental folks:

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts on our (the drivers) behalf. I did receive the gloves and sanitizer, along with the birthday wishes and card to get some good morning coffee!

Although most (if not all) of the drivers for Fundamental are 1099 independents, the company has consistently treated us as part of the “family”. I know from my perspective, this gives me the best of both worlds. I have the ability to drive for your customers, I have the ability to turn down an assignment, and I am able to decide how much (or little) I may work. This is important to me. Although I am on Social Security and Medicare (not to mention my veterans disability pension), I do need to supplement my income for several reasons.

It has been a great pleasure for me to be associated with Jack Mack and the rest of the team, and I cannot imagine I could find another company like Fundamental to be as flexible but so supportive of the needs of the drivers.

I sincerely thank you for your efforts, and I am truly happy to be working with Fundamental.”

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