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August 2021 Newsletter
Driver Newsletter August 23, 2021

August 2021 Newsletter

FMCSA’s Commercial Motor Vehicle Driving Tips

Even the safest of drivers are at risk of engaging in behaviors that could lead to a crash, which is why FMCSA came up with a list of 8 common driving errors and how to address them. Click on the error categories below to explore tips, facts, video clips and training exercise questions provided by FMCSA:

8 Common Driving Errors

Brake Safety Week

Brake Safety Week starts this Sunday, August 22nd. Throughout the week ending August 28th, inspectors will be focusing on commercial motor vehicle brake systems and components. Any commercial vehicles found with break related violations will be put out-of-service. Why is break safety so important? Here are four major reasons:

  • Brake adjustment violations made up 38.6% of all vehicle out-of-service violations during the 2020 International Roadcheck
  • Brake systems rank as the third most cited vehicle factor in fatal crashes according to FMCSA’s “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts”
  • Brake related problems were listed 8 times on FMCSA’s top 20 vehicle violations in 2020
  • During last years Brake Safety Week, 12% of CMVs were placed out-of-service

Music to Truck By

Tired of listening to the same songs while on the road? Check out Overdrives curated playlist just for truckers. It features a combination of over 100 trucking songs and podcasts for over 6 hours of listening time.

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