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CDL Endorsements
Driver Resources March 15, 2019

CDL Endorsements

At Fundamental Labor Strategies, we have several jobs available that require CDL endorsements. Drivers who wish to operate certain types of commercial vehicles must pass additional tests to obtain endorsements for their CDL. Some of these endorsements require a knowledge test, skills test, or both. Once passed, the endorsement allows the CDL holder to operate that specific type of vehicle.

CDL endorsements are able to be added to your commercial driver’s permit or added on to your license after the fact. Whichever method you end up taking to add these endorsements to your CDL, they all require an additional fee. Commercial learner’s permits (CLP) may also carry certain endorsements. Whether added to your CDL or CLP, they all require an additional fee.

There are 6 CDL Endorsement types:

T – Double/Triple Trailers – This allows the driver to operate a tractor with double or triple trailers.

N – Tank vehicle – This allows the driver to operate a tank vehicle (permanent or temporary tank).

H – Hazardous materials – This allows driver to operate vehicles that transport hazardous materials, such as flammable and combustible liquids, gases or other explosives. This endorsement requires a security check.

X – Combination of tank and hazardous materials – This allows the driver to operate tank commercial vehicles that transport hazardous materials. This endorsement requires a security check.

S – School Bus – This allows the driver to operate a school bus.

P – Passenger – This endorsement allows drivers to operate a vehicle that carries a specified number of passengers.

The above CDL endorsements expire with your Commercial Driver’s License and in many cases, you will need to retake the corresponding test. The “H” or “X” endorsements will expire no more than 5 years after the date the security assessment was completed.

Having CDL endorsements allows a driver to have more career flexibility. While it might seem that an endorsement isn’t needed now, it may be needed later for a different truck driving job.

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