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Fundamental Seminar: Trucking Defense 2.0
Seminars September 30, 2018

Fundamental Seminar: Trucking Defense 2.0

On Friday September 28, 2018, Fundamental hosted a complimentary seminar with Doug Marcello, Trucking Defense Attorney, of Marcello & Kivisto, LLC. The seminar featured an overview of the overall stages of an accident, how to deal with them after they occur, as well as accident prevention.

About the Seminar

In front of fellow industry leaders and colleagues, Doug went over topics that included:

  • How to aggressively defend your accident cases
  • What you need to do now, before an accident occurs
  • What you can do to increase the defensibility of your hiring decisions
  • What you must immediately do when an accident occurs
  • What forms and documents you need for use at the time of an accident
  • How you can avoid self-inflicted liability with your “preventability” program
  • What you need to do to limit the discoverability of your investigation

About Doug Marcello

  • Mr. Doug Marcello is a trucking defense attorney with a CDL A. His firm represents the trucking industry exclusively.
  • Doug has been specially admitted in 35 states to defend truck accident cases.
  • He is active in the trucking industry, including being on the state board of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA), on the ATA Safety and Management Counsel, as well as a member of TANY and the Arkansas Trucking Association. Doug is also a member of trucking legal defense organizations such as TIDA and Transportation Attorneys.
  • Doug has written numerous articles regarding trucking laws which can be found the firm’s website

If you would like to attend seminars with Doug Marcello or attend seminars with related topics, please sign up for updates and invitations, or email us at

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