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Safety Newsletter – August 2020
Driver Resources August 13, 2020

Safety Newsletter – August 2020

5 Tips for Backing Up and Parking in a Congested Yard

  • Maintain a low and controlled speed; no faster than 5 MPH.
  • Roll down your windows to allow for maximum awareness to space, sounds, and obstacles.
  • Focus on your target parking zone and leave ample space between you and other trucks/trailers in the yard.
  • Practice G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Look) precautions. Make sure to check around the truck and trailer for any obstacles that may get in the way or any damage that may have occurred.
  • Honk your horn and flash your lights to signal to other drivers and/or personnel that you are backing up into the spot.

Understanding Spatial Awareness

Whether you are stationary or moving, you should maintain a space cushion around your truck and trailer at all times. Areas where a space cushion are most important are:

  • The area above the truck and trailer (tunnels, overpasses and low clearances)
  • The area below the truck and trailer (inclined or uneven road surfaces, pot holes, speed bumps etc.)
  • The space in front of the truck (following distance and turning space)
  • The space behind the trailer (following distance of vehicles behind and backing space)
  • The space on either side of the truck and trailer (toll booths, tunnels, and bridges)


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