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Safety Newsletter – August 2022
Driver Resources, Newsletters August 1, 2022

Safety Newsletter – August 2022

5 Ways to Maintain Spatial Awareness

  • Properly adjust mirrors to avoid blind spots. Properly adjust your rearview mirror so it looks directly back out the rear window. Sit in your normal position and assess both side mirrors. You should be able to see at least about 16 or 17 car lengths behind you in the mirrors. If you think your vision falls short, bring your mirrors up and out a bit. Be careful to not compromise the visibility of the part of the road behind your periphery, as this is the crucial blind spot area.
  • Maintain Distance. Take your time and give yourself enough space to be able to make turns when driving in tight areas to avoid collisions with vehicles, buildings, or other objects.
  • Obey Speed Limits/Slow Down. Always obey the speed limit. The weight of your vehicle will make it harder for you to start and stop driving. Take your time and slow down when approaching traffic lights and when making turns.
  • Avoid Cell Phone use. Cell Phone use is illegal for all drivers. Tapping one button to pick up and end calls is all that can be done while Driving. Stay focused and don’t let electronics distract you from driving. If prolonged use of your cell phone is needed then pull over – the possibility of a fatal accidents is not worth the risk.
  • Research your Route (Plan your trip). Avoid surprises when arriving to your location. Take a minute to see if there will be any construction, closed roads, un-drivable truck roads, or inclement weather before heading to your destination. Googles Maps Satellite gives you a real life view of locations. You can use this feature to get a better glimpse of your surroundings during your route and driving into your destination.

5 Tips For Reducing Lower Back Pain on the Road

  • Change Your Driving Position. Adjust your seat so it’s the right distance from the steering wheel. You shouldn’t have to hunch over or stretch out to reach it. Always sit with your back, neck and head fully resting against your seat.
  • Adjust Your Mirrors. You want to have a good view of the road, so that you don’t have to lean forward every time you want to make a lane change on the highway or check for vehicles approaching your truck’s blind spot.
  • Stretch for a Few Minutes. Take the time to stretch before taking off in the morning. There are stretches designed specifically for professional truck drivers that help you warm up your neck muscles, quads, arms, hamstring and shoulders.
  • Drop Your Accessories. While you’re driving, take objects out of your pockets. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes on your back when you don’t have a thick wallet or smart phone in your pocket.
  • Perform Light Exercises. Exercising not just ease back pain – it also helps strengthen your core muscles and back muscles. Avoid overdoing your exercises or push yourself too hard
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