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Safety Newsletter – November 2022

Safety Newsletter – November 2022

5 Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a busy time, which means that more people are on the roads. Oftentimes people are distracted with other things on their minds other than diving. The weather is also slipperier and more frigid. With all this in mind, here are 5 useful tips for driving during the Holiday Season.

 Be Extra Patient

Weather around the holidays can be tricky. It is especially important for truck drivers to slow their speeds and increase the driving distance between vehicles. Since people are in a rush, it is vital that drivers take care to drive at safe speeds for current weather and traffic conditions. Rushing to get the job done is not worth the risk of rollovers, jackknifes and collisions.

Keep A Firm Grip on The Wheel

Grip the steering wheel firmly to maintain control. Always keep both hands on the wheel to guide the vehicle through snow and ice.

Keep a Close Eye on your Fuel Tank

Keeping the fuel tank topped off in the winter has a twofold benefit. It will add more weight onto your tires, allowing for better traction, and will prevent any water condensation from building up in the fuel lines.

Minimize Lane Changes

There are a lot of blind spots on a big rig and drivers should signal early to let everyone on the road know where they’re planning on going. Take it slow and cruise in the right lane. It’s an easier drive and lowers the risk of sideswipe accidents due to blind spots.

Use Caution When Approaching a Bridge

Bridges freeze much faster than roads. Slow down and cross the bridge with patience and be aware of black ice to avoid skidding or sliding into an accident.

Healthy Truck Driver Tips

Commercial truck drivers keep us moving by working long hours and not getting enough sleep. This can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle which can take a toll on a drivers’ body. Here are some tips on improving your lifestyle as a commercial truck driver.


1.   Get enough sleep- Sleep is vital to human health, as it allows our bodies to rest and repair. Sleep deprivation affects our ability to stay focus, especially while driving.

2.   Drink lots of water- Staying hydrated helps the body control temperature and maintains kidney and heart health.

3.   Stretch- Long periods of sitting can place extra strain on your body’s joints and muscles. Try getting out of your truck and stretching while on your break or when you are waiting to be unloaded at a customer.

4.   Practice portion control- Keep food portions to the size of your fist. Package food or snacks into individual servings using zipper bags.

5.   Eat more veggies & Pick foods with fiber- Vegetables provide nutrients vital for health. Fiber aids in digestion and helps lower cholesterol. Add in more vegetables for lunch and dinner. Try beans and lentils for something new – they’re packed with fiber and protein.

6.   Find ways to relieve stress- Find ways to distract yourself: If you can get out of your truck, go for a short walk and get some sun. If you’re driving, listen to your favorite music. Make relaxation a habit, too.

Why being a healthy truck driver is important

Leading a healthy lifestyle benefit both your mental and physical health, including lowering blood pressure, promoting weight loss, increasing endurance/stamina, and improving quality of life. Start by making small changes and continue to challenge yourself as you go.

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