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Fundamental Seminar: Commercial Vehicle Roadside Inspection
Seminars May 29, 2018

Fundamental Seminar: Commercial Vehicle Roadside Inspection

On Friday May 4, 2018, Fundamental held a complimentary seminar with the late Kevin Stewart, former President and CEO, of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA). The seminar featured an overview of the overall process of roadside inspections and what to expect from a roadcheck.

About the Seminar

Kevin’s vast experience and more than 30 years in the industry allowed him to give an exceptional seminar for industry leaders in the area. Kevin started his career as a roadside enforcement officer and eventually oversaw the operation of 10 of the Commonwealth’s 28 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Teams and the division’s administrative staff. With his experience, he was able to discuss the following topics:

  • Levels of Inspection
  • Inspection Selection System (ISS) and CSA
  • Inspection Procedure
  • Parts and Accessories Inspected
  • Violation vs. Out-of-Service
  • Corrective Action
  • Request for Data Review (DataQ Challenge)
  • Level I Inspection Demonstration

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