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October 2021 Newsletter
Driver Newsletter October 15, 2021

October 2021 Newsletter

FMCSA Tells Sates to Ban Drivers with Drug & Alcohol Strikes

FMCSA’s new rule requires all truck drivers with drug or alcohol violations in the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse to have their licenses downgraded. This means states will be required to remove the CLP or CDL privilege from the driver’s license until the driver completes the return-to-duty requirements. States will also be banned from issuing, renewing, upgrading, or transferring a CDL or commercial learner’s permit for any driver with drug or alcohol violations. The rule will go into effect on November 8, 2021 with a state compliance date of November 18, 2024.
The goal of the new rule is to the close the knowledge gap. Currently state agencies don’t receive drug and alcohol violation information on CDL and CLP holders. Thus, the state agencies are unaware when a truck driver should no longer hold a valid CDL or CLP and be subject to the driving prohibition. While there is concern that this will further exacerbate the driver shortage problem, primarily the new rule is seen as a positive change because it will remove drivers with drug and alcohol problems off the roads more quickly.

Pay & Parking Top Driver’s List of 2021’s Critical Issues

The American Transportation Research Institute released its annual Top Industry Issues Report this month. For the fifth consecutive year, the driver shortage ranked #1 in the overall survey for top issues. However, motor carriers and truck drivers differ when it comes to their biggest concerns. The top issues for drivers are driver compensation and truck parking, delay at customers’ facilities and fuel prices.

CVSA Reveals 2021 Operation Safe Driver Week Results

2021 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week results are out! CVSA reported that 28,148 commercial vehicles were pulled over from July 11-17. Speeding and failure to use a seat belt took the top spots for trucker violations. Other violations included failure to obey traffic control device, texting/using a handheld phone, and improper lane change.
Be sure to buckle up and stay safe out on the road!
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