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Safety Newsletter – November 2021
Driver Resources, Newsletters January 6, 2022

Safety Newsletter – November 2021

The Dangers of Truck Drivers Using Car GPS

GPS systems are convenient, however they cannot replace common sense. If things don’t look right, they probably aren’t. Car GPS systems do not account for things like truck restricted routes, roads with weight restrictions, roads with low bridges, and different road terrain. Below are some tips for a successful and safe trip:

  • Know your truck height and weight.
  • Pay attention to all signs on your route and familiarize yourself with your route beforehand.
  • If you are unsure, stop and ask for help. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Forget the Simple Things

Doing the simple, everyday things right can be the difference between having a safe day of work and having an unsafe day of work. Although these things seem very basic and common sense, doing them correctly each day will help to minimize the risk of a work related accident, incident, or injury. Below is a list of some simple points to keep in mind as you are on the road each day:

  • Use three points of contact always.
  • Keep your hands free and avoid carrying items while entering or exiting the cab.
  • Keep your equipment in good condition and make sure to complete your pre and post trip inspections. Report any problems or issues immediately.
  • Utilize equipment such as pallet jacks, lifts, or even other drivers, in the event that carrying or moving an item on your own seems too risky.
  • Stay alert and minimize the distractions around you such as cell phones, radios, eating and drinking, and reaching for objects.
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