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Safety Newsletter – February 2022
Driver Resources, Newsletters February 3, 2022

Safety Newsletter – February 2022


Traffic merging from one lane to another is a common reason for collisions on highways, local streets, and roads where there are construction and lane closures. Below are some best practices and precautions that you can take to help prevent a merging collision while driving.
  • Before starting to drive your route for the day, make sure your driver’s seat is adjusted correctly, as well as your mirrors, to help minimize your blind spots.
  • Look at your mirrors often to access what is around you and make sure you have enough space to safely make the move you are planning.
  • Communicate your intentions to merge or change lanes by using your turn signals. A minimum of three blinks of your signal is best.
  • Watch for any vehicles around your truck that may be moving into your blind spots. If you no longer see it, it is most likely in your blind spot.


Maintaining Organization in Your Truck 

Staying organized inside the truck can be a challenge for drivers. Paperwork, equipment, and personal items are all items that play an important part in being a truck driver, but they can be a potential hazard while trying to drive safely. It is a best practice to make organization a habit, and find ways to keep all of your necessities easily accessible, and also in a safe place. Unsecured tools and equipment can become a safety and injury hazard when turning, hard breaking, or in the event of a collision. Make sure that any large and/or heavy items are properly secured before driving to prevent shifting and creating a safety hazard. Keep paperwork organized in a folder or clipboard so that it is all safely in one place. This will prevent you from having to search for it after being pulled over for an inspection or at the end of your day.

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