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Safety Newsletter – March 2022
Driver Resources, Newsletters March 2, 2022

Safety Newsletter – March 2022

Yard and dock accidents and incidents are commonly reported safety events. These are generally minor in nature, however still can be costly and are completely avoidable. Below are some tips as to how to avoid causing damage while maneuvering through a yard or dock during your work day.

  • Drive cautiously and be alert. Make sure that you do not get caught in a tight area that is not meant for trucks and that you are utilizing the correct routes and entrances to customer yards.
  • Constantly be on the lookout for stationary objects such as poles, fences, bollards, parked trucks, and trailers, etc.
  • Pay attention to the dock lights, and never pull a trailer away from a dock door when the light is red.
  • Always remember… G.O.A.L. (Get Out and Look)
  • Eliminate any distractions, such as the radio, food/drink, cell phones, etc. and put your complete focus into your surroundings.
    • Get these items settled before entering or exiting a yard to avoid the unnecessary risk of an accident/incident.
There are also injury hazards to be aware of while working in yards and docks, such as
equipment, environment, and behavioral hazards. Below are examples of each hazard that you should be aware of while working each day.

  • Equipment Hazards: cargo shift and trailer doors
  • Environmental Hazards: potholes, ice, snow, mud, and wind
  • Behavioral Hazards: standing in the path of falling cargo, failing to use a door strap or latch, ignoring and disregarding potential environmental hazards
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