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Safety Newsletter – May 2021

Safety Newsletter – May 2021

Inoperative Lights

May is host to the 2021 International Roadcheck, which focuses on lighting and Hours of Service Compliance this year.

Making sure your headlights, taillights, and blinkers are all operating correctly is an important part of your pre and post-trip inspections. According to an article published by Commercial Carrier Journal, “Lights account for almost 30 percent of all CSA violations.” Watch out for flickering or dim lights, which are typically signs of failing hardware, and if they are present, make sure to report them as soon as possible.

Please refresh yourself on the Hours of Service changes that were made in 2020:


Preventing Injuries While Cranking Trailer Landing Gear

Injuries that can occur from improper cranking of the landing gear include shoulder, elbow, and wrist strains and sprains. In order to prevent these injuries, make sure to stand parallel to the trailer while cranking and face the trailer when lowering the trailer. Utilizing these tips will ensure you don’t put your body through any additional strain that can lead to injury.
Review how to crank the landing gear properly, by completing your monthly training videos through Infiniti-I.


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